Erin Graboski

Erin Graboski ist eine amerikanische Fine-Art Fotografin, deren Bilder sich durch eine düstere, surrealistische Atmosphäre auszeichnen. Lest das komplette Interview hier:

On your Tumblr page it says you started out at the age of 15. Did you know back then you wanted to concentrate on Fine Art or was it something that developed over time?
My concentration in Fine Art was something that developed over time. When I first began taking photos I started out capturing nature and landscape shots a lot of the time. I then started taking photos of really anything that I could, just practicing and teaching myself the art. As I furthered my technicality skills with the art, I started to explore fine art and really fell in love with the freedom I had with it.

What inspired you to get a camera and give it a try?
I was actually on vacation in Northern California, my very first time visiting the state, and I really wanted to remember everything I was seeing there so I picked up our camera and just started taking pictures of literally anything that caught my eye. Then, coming home from the trip, everyone said that I had taken really good pictures without even knowing it so I started to explore the art further and it really ignited my passion for photography.

For the aspiring photographers out there: Could you tell us something about the equipment you use?
I use a Canon 60D camera, tripod and wireless remote for shooting my work. Aside from obviously using my camera, my tripod and wireless remote are the two pieces of equipment that I never leave without when I go to shoot a new image. I also have a rain cover to protect my camera from rain fall and just aquired an underwater housing bag to try some simple underwater pieces and to have for other shooting scenarios that it is useful for like a heavy rain fall, shooting near or in the water, etc.

When The Tides Are Rough by Erin Graboski

Your photographs often create a very dark and kind of dreamy mood. What do you think is so captivating about this concept?
The dark, dreamy mood is very captivating to me because I adore it personally and artistically. I love to make art that is pushing the ideas of surreality while still being in the realms of reality. I think using darkness conveys a more raw effect – I like my art to have that pureness and vulnerability. It is kind of difficult to find the right words to explain it, hopefully I was to make some sort of sense.

Does your work develop from planning it all out or is it only at the end of the edit that you know what you really want to do with it?
I have found that doing some pre-planning it really helps direct me on what I need to concentrate on while shooting. I will go out on location with a concept in mind and then I let post-processing make that image complete. So I am a little bit of both when it comes to the planning and creating process.

We’ve come to the last question of this interview. Please tell us, what inspires you?
Anything dark is a real inspiration for me. Dreams, love, and desires are some other words that come to mind when I think of things that really inspire the images. I am always dreaming of different pieces I want to create.

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